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How do I contact experts for setup support?

Due to the global pandemic and keeping in view the recent developments across the world some adjustments have been made to our Asus router support services. As due to this pandemic most of the people are not able to leave their houses freely and keeping in view your safety in these unprecedent times our services are available online for any kind of issue 

In order to ensure the health and safety of our support staff, we are offering remote online assistance for selected hours. Our support team is temporarily limited and you may have to experience longer hold times as opposed to the usual hold times. 

Your patience is much appreciated as we are making necessary changes to offer you the best support as possible during these times. For Ensuring the safety of citizens we are following the Government advisory.

We understand that many people are working from home and therefore, the need for support services is very urgent. As per the new regulations our support capabilities are limited. 

Please observe the following Self-Service quick tips for the required support and service assistance with the most common device-related issues.  

Internet connection is not working

If you are facing an issue with your Asus router internet connection not working, try these below steps:

  • Shut off the router power and wait for a few minutes. Turn the router back on and try to access the internet again. Mostly a simple reset may be able to solve your internet issue.
  • Check the router cable connection. Make sure that there’s no problem with the LAN cable. Pull the LAN cable out and put it back again. Wait for a few minutes and then try to access the internet again. There may be an issue with the cable itself so try to replace the ethernet cable and if the cable was the issue then it would resolve the issue.
  • Check the LED Lights on the Asus router. If the internet LED light is not on or it is flashing red, then it means that the problem is with the internet provider’s side and your router is working fine. In that case, please get in touch with your internet service provider. 

Asus router IP Conflict

If you keep getting an IP conflict issue notification, then to fix this you need to replace the IP Address.

Follow these steps to replace Asus router IP:

  • Open any web browser and go the url bar. Now type the default IP address and press enter.
  • You will get a login prompt on your screen. Here you need to Type your Asus Router username and password and press login.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, Select LAN from the Admin panel.
  • Now you need to Replace the existing IP address with and subnet mask with
  • Once you have updated both fields Click on apply and ok to save changes.

Asus Router Firmware update

If you are having any performance issues with your Asus router or it is not working properly then it may need a firmware update. You should check for the latest router firmware updates and install the update. 

Follow the below steps to update the Asus router firmware:

  • For updating the router firmware, first, you need to go to Asus official website and download your router firmware’s latest version. 
  • Save the latest version of firmware update on your computer’s desktop for easy access.
  • Now login to your router firmware using your IP Address.
  • Fill the username and password and continue to login.
  • When you login to the Admin panel, look for the firmware update option.
  • Click the update button and select the firmware update file that you saved on your computer’s desktop.
  • Click ok and let the firmware update install.


If you have tried the above methods but all the methods have failed and your is still not working then you should try the Asus router reset as the last resort.

In most cases the reset will troubleshoot many issues automatically as if you were unable to install the firmware update, with reset the router will automatically look for the update and install it. Also, remember that Asus router reset will change the router settings back to its factory settings.

To reset the Asus router, you just have to locate the reset button on your router and long press it. Make sure to press and hold the Reset button until the reset process starts. When the process starts it will take a few minutes so wait patiently for the process to finish. 

The router will start automatically after the reset but in case it does not restart on its own, just press the power button on your Asus router.

After the reset is done you may reconfigure it using the default IP address and it should work fine. 

In case, you are facing an issue not mentioned above then You may reach out to our ASUS support services via online chat or give us a call on 000-000-0000. 

For accelerating the support process, we Request you to please keep below information handy Before calling on our toll-free number:

  1. Model name
  2. Product Serial Number
  3. Problem information
  4. Device (so you can instantly check and deal with the issue quickly)

Note: The hold time you experience may be longer than usual hold times. You may reach a chat representative instead and book a callback with our technician for your convenience. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience during this time.   Thank you.