Wi-Fi CellSpot Router setup & help

Wifi CellSpot routers have been discontinued and are not available for purchase any longer but if you need a Wifi CellSpot router setup & help and assistance then we would love to help you out.

 Wifi CellSpot router Setup & help

If you are trying to setup your Wifi CellSpot router just follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure to connect your smartphone device or laptop to the Wifi CellSpot Router’s wireless network.
  2. If you are using a smartphone device or a laptop for setup, go to settings and click on Wifi option. Let the device scan for all the available wireless networks. You will see a list of wireless devices after the scan has finished. Look for your T-mobile Wifi CellSpot router’s username. Tap on the username to connect.
  3. If you are instead using a computer system then you can easily connect your computer and router by using an ethernet cable. Simply connecting one end of the ethernet cable to any port on your computer and the LAN port of your Wifi CellSpot router will automatically connect you to the router’s wireless network.
  4. Once you are connected to the wireless network, you are ready to access the Wifi CellSpot router’s Graphical User Interface settings. So, open a web browser and use the web address http://cellspot.router if you are using a mobile device. 
  5. If you are using a laptop or computer then you should use the default router IP Address in the web URL bar to access the Wifi CellSpot router settings. This will bring you to the login page of your router settings.
  6. In order to setup and configure the router you must first login into the router GUI settings. If you are doing the setup for the very first time then you should use the default username and password. The default username and router password are usually found on the label or your Wifi CellSpot router or in the user manual for your router. But in case you are just accessing the settings for configuration and you have a different username and password then you can just use that username and password for login and you can take help from our wifi cellspot router setup & help.
  7. In case you changed the router username and password at the initial setup but can’t remember them now then you should simply reset the router as you can use the default username and password instead. But resetting would mean you have to start over the whole process and your router will be set to factory default settings. This means all your previous router settings will be lost.
  8. If you are doing setup for the first time, or after reset, then you should use the default username ‘admin’ and default password as ‘password’ for Wifi CellSpot router login.
  9. Continue to login. After a successful login you will be able to see the Wifi CellSpot router setup wizard on your screen. From here you need to set up the SSID settings, Network password and other configuration settings so continue to the next step.
  10. First you need to edit the Network SSID settings. So, navigate to the General settings tab and click on the Network name of your Wifi CellSpot router. Now you can choose a different username for your home Wifi CellSpot router wireless network. If you want to keep the same network name then you may choose to skip over this step. If you choose to rename the network then put the username in the relevant fields and click apply to save changes.
  11. It is a crucial step to set a new password for your Wifi CellSpot router network instead of the default password. The reason behind is that anyone can login to your wireless network if you don’t change the default password. Therefore, the password you choose should be alphanumeric and difficult to guess for others. Having a strong network password will keep the others from freely accessing your wireless network. It will protect your network against hackers and other network threats.
  12. Fill the password in the relevant field and confirm the same password once again before saving the password settings. Make sure to choose WPA2-Personal in the authentication method.
  13. Continue to configure the other settings as you like and click save settings before leaving the setup wizard. 
  14. Restart your router after you are done with the setup process. 

Now you can use the new username and password to login into Wifi CellSpot router’s GUI settings. Make sure that you don’t forget the new username and password. Otherwise you will have to reset your router and re-setup and reconfigure all the router settings. 

Throughout the process, if you miss and step or do a step wrong just start over the whole process. Sometimes, people forget to do a step or miss a step so just reboot the router and start the process from the beginning and you should be able to complete the setup easily.

When the setup process is done, you can get started with connecting your smart devices to your wireless network. Make sure that you don’t have any problems connecting to the Wifi CellSpot router wireless network. Also, make sure to test whether the internet is working well. 

In case you get stuck on a step, don’t understand the process or have any errors during the setup process, feel free to get connected with one of our expert technicians. They will provide remote assistance to troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter.